Piazzetta Riccardi
73100 Lecce
Puglia - Italy

Situated in the historic center of the city, the Patria Palace Hotel can be easily reached by car. Upon arrival at the Hotel, you can entrust your car to our valet who will personally take care of parking it in the reserved garage.
To reach the Patria Palace Hotel, you should drive following directions “Castello Carlo V” or set the GPS on via Vito Fazzi, which is the closer entrance to the restricted area. Once you are in via Vito Fazzi, please turn the GPS off and drive as follows:

- go straight ahead on via Vito Fazzi (do not turn in the square),
- go straight ahead on via Verdi (which is an extension of via Fazzi),
- turn left (still via Verdi),
- take the first right in via degli Ammirati (piazzetta Vittorio Emanuele II),
- turn the first right in via Augusto Imperatore,
- go straight ahead in via Francesco Rubichi (do not turn right on the square), you will notice that via Francesco Rubichi is a pedestrian street with some flowerpots in the middle,
- Drive 150 meters circa on Via Francesco Rubichi, until to the church “la Chiesa del Gesù” which is on the left side of the street,
- Make a sharp right, in front of the church,
- You are now in Piazzetta (little square) Sigismondo Castromediano, with a statue in the middle. Drive leaving the square on your left side,
- The Hotel is next to the square

The hotel is right in the middle of the historic center, inside the restricted area.
Please, provide the front desk staff at your arrival at the Hotel your car plate details in order to inform the authorities.