Your own treasure moments

The lobby of our hotel has seen millions of steps over the years.
Scrolling through the guestbook, names of guests follow one another.
Everyone comes here with a different story, but they all have in common a destination, Lecce, and a choice, the Patria Palace Hotel.

Different emotions intertwine in our building. Some of them are observed with our eyes, others are happily shared with you. Others touch us as a reflection, through the grateful look you turn to us for creating that special emotion.
We collect these moments with great care. We call them our treasure moments because they are priceless.


In the wide shared album of memories of social media world on which we pin the most important sensations of our life, we collect them as #PatriaMoments, the virtual thread through which we write the history of the Patria Palace Hotel.


There are many travellers who have become protagonists of this story with their own experiences.

That can be an exchange of glances between two dancers during the Taranta folkloristic dance on our panoramic terrace, a foreign guest who meets the Apulian welcome and tastes it for the first time, a group of women who choose the beauty of the Baroque to celebrate the project they’re cultivating together, the sun setting in the alleys of the old city, or an accomplice look that speaks of love: these are Treasure Moments for us, and it is great to see that they are the same for you.



Continue to treasure the important moments that you have lived and will live in our palace, tell us the Patria Moments that keep the true value of your trip, become protagonists of the history of the Patria Palace Hotel.

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