Pizzica, between legend and reality

The bite of nature instills a frenetic rhythm in the veins, a hypnotic harmony takes possession of the movements, the drumming follows the steps: the pizzica is on stage, between legend and reality.


Basilica of Santa Croce: one step away from Baroque beauty

A few steps divide the Patria Palace Hotel from the most famous spectacle of Lecce’s Baroque: the Basilica of Santa Croce. We are lucky to enjoy this architectural masterpiece simply by looking beyond the square that divides us. Its beauty imposes itself and shines from the view from our rooms, suites and rooftop. This image gives our guests an exclusive and unforgettable Lecce experience.


Your own treasure moments

The lobby of our hotel has seen millions of steps over the years.
Scrolling through the guestbook, names of guests follow one another.
Everyone comes here with a different story, but they all have in common a destination, Lecce, and a choice, the Patria Palace Hotel.

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